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Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster ride. A business journey is unpredictable as in what turn or climb or drop will come next and at what speed. Building a company is one of the most intellectually engaging challenge one can choose to take up. But once you commit to the ride, perhaps the easiest thing to do is to get so caught up in the roller coaster, that all you can see is “forward”. More often than not the twists and turns of this ride are sought by raising capital and its structuring, market research and analysis and investment management.

QuantsAdvisory supplements businesses with key decisions answering “What Next” across their business journey and prepares them to resolve the “What if” situations. We work with businesses to modify their model, strategies and put together a well-knit strategic plan to achieve its aspirations. We believe “one must work closely with the board, shareholders & other stakeholders” to ensure businesses engage in value creation. Over a period of 23 years, Quants has developed an understanding of businesses across sectors, size and stage.We believe in delivering tangible results to businesses using a mix of best practices developed from qualitative and quantitative methods and tools.

Grow & Evolve

Grow and evolve are two sides of the same coin.

In business, growth is imperative and there is no other option. Growing your business is often a necessity for your business’s survival and its economic well-being. Constantly evolve or get ready to wither away/captured! Every day in business life, we strategize to grow or ward off a threat or capitalize an opportunity. Learning from these strategies helps us evolve as a business person and also equips us to strategize better or to implement those strategies well lest it makes it hard for the company to break the mold.  Evolve to grow well!

Innovation & entrepreneurship is the way to growth; which doesn’t end on achieving a level but evolves continually.

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Successful businesses are a product of partnerships between teams, customers, innovators, stakeholders, leaders & more coupled with proven business practices, processes, and products.

Our service listing reflects our business philosophy & also acts as a benchmark for our deliverables.
Our growth advisory service offers businesses strategic advise to create and utilize potential from their resources and be at right place at right time to capitalize opportunity.
Our research and analytical approach outlines our processes using right mix of statistical and fundamental practices & tools.

Owing to our successful journey of 23 years, we continue to develop & build valuable business relationships, across sectors, size, stage and approach. The cross-sector knowledge enables us to advise multiple businesses by structuring the right mix of best practices developed from various qualitative and quantitative methods.


Quants holds a track of successful deliveries in terms of advising hundreds of businesses to achieve their specific objectives on growth, investment and financial fronts. Solutions offered via our deliverables are backed by the belief of delivering tangible results through collaborative approach.

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