Growth is subjective to businesses & entrepreneurs depending on their stage, industry, sector, management and future vision. Backed by a team of experienced & unconventional mindsets, our cohesive team helps you throughout the transaction, from the point of contact to deal closure. We walk through the entire process with you as our own. Having worked with 100s of investors & corporates, we have developed an insight & business acumen that enables us to help clients identify growth prospects, assist throughout the transaction lifecycle with strategic synergies, separations, mergers, acquisitions, raise funds and make alternative investments.

Change in the business journey is constant and with every change comes new complexity in the business structure, operations, and growth trajectory. Whether a startup wants to merge or a company or corporation seeks to acquire any business for strategic purposes, M&A advisory service will deliver and execute maximum value to your deal.

Our team engages with clients on an ongoing basis, building a deep understanding of client aspirations, validating the modus operandi and find a strategic fit for the company. We ensure that the complexities involved are well taken care to avoid surprises in the future and influence informed decision-making. It is an exhaustive process where we carefully analyze a multitude of factors to transact intrinsic value for the merging and acquiring entities keeping in view the common core of the unit and temperamental fit.

  • Horizontal mergers
  • Vertical mergers
  • Conglomeration
  • Market-extension merger
  • Product-extension merger
  • De-mergers and spin-offs
  • Reverse merger
  • Strategic acquisition
  • Acquihire

Alignment on the end-game is crucial. We help you in finding an appropriate partner for your business who has the skills and abilities to complement yours; instead of mirroring your own. These can be your potential distributors, JV partners, suppliers, business customers, outsourcing partners etc. This service is designed to assist your company in finding, shortlisting potential partners and engineering & orchestrating the entire deal end-to-end. We will also assist you in conducting diligence of prospective partners, through interim negotiations and align operations for both partners.


  • General partnerships
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Limited partnerships

Inorganic growth is a relative concept in pursuit of which, businesses might juggle between various alternatives. We act as a catalyst of change by supporting investors right from identification of startups of their domain focus, conduct due diligence on the basis of pre-defined standards and improve their portfolio. Startup investing is created as a service for novice or veteran investors and seek to outsource this function to focus on the existing portfolio companies while we support you in scanning potential nimble investments. We can also support in monitoring performance & growth of existing group ventures while you explore more growth avenues.

  • Monitor existing portfolio companies
  • Market scan for new investments
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Portfolio rebalancing
Deal Advisory- start-up Investing

Growth is imperative and there is no other option. Such is true in fundraise, debt or equity where businesses want to raise funds but struggle during pitching or approaching banks even though they have a disruptive product or service or business model or experienced management.

We assist our clients in taking care of their short-term and long-term capital requirements through various debt instruments. We also support them in sourcing & structuring lucrative deals, instilling investor readiness, mentoring founders, conducting investor roadshows and assist during interim negotiations. We have an established network of various funds. We ensure that deal is closed in your best interest and boosts your future aspirations.

  • Venture capital
  • Family funds
  • HNI
  • Venture debt
  • Working capital finance
  • Project loan
  • Term loan
  • Structured finance


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Deal Advisory


Advised an established group in India to create an end-to-end logistics company with complex holding structure whereby the then operational businesses/ventures are on-boarded with equity swap.

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