Business’s value creation & enhancement is not just a play of episodic events such as M&A, fund raise or alternative investments. It is a product of systems & processes, structured & consistent growth, efficient operations and visionary management that indeed fuels the organic growth of the business. Growth per say is only consistent if it is based on concrete calculated decisions lest it is transitory & uncertain. Strategic & financial growth has become an integral part of sustained value creation. We, at Quants play various roles of a STRATEGIST for enhancing performance, OPERATOR for improving efficiency, STEWARD for control and CATALYST for execution for our clients in day-to-day operations.

Strategic & Financial consulting is a comprehensive package of advisory services offered as a combination of CFO, CSO and accounting & taxation solutions as an outsource service on monthly retainer basis. It is customized to best suit your requirements & objectives to help you give a detailed cognizance of your business. While you focus on core competencies, we will support you in developing, executing & sustaining strategic & financial framework. This will ensure that today is good and your business’s future is promising.


• Financial budgeting & forecasting

• Cash & fund flow management

• Financial MIS & analytics

• Financial statements management, tax planning & legal adherence

• Investor relations management

• Stakeholders management


• Business planning & modeling

• Revenue generation & growth strategy

• Innovation & new product development

• IT strategy: Processes & systems

• Business MIS & analytics